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Risk-assuming attitude

Edit Todoran founded Commodo in 1998, in a time when human resources firms constituted an absolute novelty in the Romanian environment. We started the company with a team made of the entrepreneur and psychologist Mihaela Prunar. The first clients were Borza Zimmerlin – a dry cleaner´s – and Jolidon – the Cluj company producing lingerie and swimwear -, with which we continued to keep contact for almost 20 years. Initially, the services we offered our clients were exclusively recruiting services.

In the first three years, we developed in the firm a marketing department. In these first three years, we worked to attract clients and we discovered that we find ourselves in an interesting period, because people were not used to attract employees by means of recruiting services. Although we were the ones coming with the idea, we found a sufficient number of open-minded people willing to accept us to work for their firms.

After the third year, Daniela Vercellino had the intuition to enter into the area of trainings. The result was the conception of the first trainings, on communication and sales. Afterwards, our range of courses diversified to be everything was offered in the area at that time, including the training of trainers. While out first courses were ready-made, we continued to develop courses, but custom-made, both with people from our firm, but also with collaborators. Our collaborators were especially from the academic world, people capable to adapt to the way we requested the isuue to be taught.

Once we started our collaboration with Bechtel – the American construction company that made the first kilometres of motorway in Transylvania -, we carried out our first market research survey. It was a comparative analysis of salaries on the construction market we carried out with Raluca Conțiu. Following this,we were the first firm to carry out a market research survey on salaries in the Romanian I.T. area, piece of news published by Ziarul Financiar.

Our project aimed at students started with a collaboration with BEST, the student organisation, with Mihaela Tăbăcaru as head of project. We elaborated the project in an enhanced manner with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. For future engineers, we offered a fully-fledged simulation of the recruiting process, aimed at furnishing students with orientation at the entry-point on the job market.

Today, we continue to work with people and organisations in the midst of the society we are in.